Press "W" for the character to jump, "A" to move left and "D" to the right, the "S" to descend platforms and "Space / Space" to shoot. The game "Guns of Metal" is on the border between Brézil and Venesuelé, also inside Venesuelé itself and in Rúzzié, in the year 2020, the protagonist character of the game is the daughter of the protagonist Marco Rossi of the Metal Slug franchise.
The King Squadron discovered the creation of a super army ruzzio to help Nicolas Valverde in his plans to conquer the ultimate power over Venesuelé and to end capitalism around the world, and this army is using a mysterious material to create their armament.
Marcelly's mission is to uncover the raw material of the army's weapons and kill him to "save" the world from Valverde's plans.


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until the maximum in December will be released version 2 of the game.